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General Policies

GP1 Development Within The Urban Boundary
GP2 Development In Rural Areas.
GP3 Design And Quality
GP4 Mixed Use Development
GP5 Access For All
GP6 Landscaping And Incidental Open Spaces
GP7 New Development And The Control Of Pollution
GP8 Energy Conservation And Efficiency
GP9 Security And Planning Out Crime
GP10 Developer Contributions

Economy and Work

EW1 Land For Business (b1) And General Industrial (b2) And Warehousing (b8) Development
EW2 Major Retail Development Outside Burnley And Padiham Town Centre Insets
EW3 New Leisure, Tourist, Arts And Cultural Development Outside Town Centres
EW4 Expansion And Improvement Of Existing Businesses
EW5 Development And Improvement Of Major Industrial Estates
EW6 Economic Improvement Areas
EW7 Redevelopment Of Existing Employment Land And Premises For Non-employment Uses
EW8 Control Of Hazardous Substances
EW9 Small Businesses, Working From Home, And Community Enterprises In Residential Areas
EW10 Development And Training Provision
EW11 Rural Diversification And Conversion Of Rural Buildings For Employment Uses

Housing and Local Neighbourhoods

H1 Land For New Housing Development
H2 The Sequential Release Of Further Housing Land For Development
H3 Quality And Design In New Housing Development
H4 Providing A Choice Of Housing In New Development
H5 Local Housing Needs
H6 Housing Density
H7 Open Space In New Housing Development
H8 H8 – Environmental Improvements In Existing Residential Areas
H9 Regenerating Urban Areas And Neighbourhoods
H10 Housing For Large Families
H11 Living Over Shops And Other Commercial Premises And Housing And Training Projects
H12 Non – Residential Uses In Residential Areas
H13 Extensions And Conversions Of Existing Single Dwellings
H14 Gardens And Backland Development
H15 Conversion And Re-use For Flats And Bedsits
H16 Gypsy And Traveller Sites


E1 Nature Conservation – Internationally And Nationally Important Sites
E2 Nature Conservation – County Biological And Geological Heritage Sites And Local Nature Reserves
E3 Wildlife Links And Corridors
E4 Protection Of Other Features Of Ecological Value
E5 Species Protection
E6 Trees, Hedgerows And Woodlands
E7 Water Bodies And Water Courses
E8 Development And Flood Risk
E9 Groundwater Resources
E10 Alterations, Extensions, Change Of Use And Development Affecting Listed Buildings
E11 Demolition Of Listed Buildings
E12 Development In, Or Adjacent To, Conservation Areas
E13 Demolition In Conservation Areas
E14 The Designation And Amendment Of Conservation Areas
E15 Locally Important Buildings, Features And Artefacts
E16 Areas Of Traditional Construction
E17 Historic Parks And Gardens
E18 Scheduled Ancient Monuments
E19 Development And Archaeological Remains
E20 Views
E21 Gateways And Throughroutes
E22 Public Art
E23 Telecommunications
E24 Advertisements
E25 Shop Fronts
E26 Development In The Green Belt
E27 Landscape Character And Local Distinctiveness In Rural Areas And Green Belt
E28 Protecting Agricultural Land And Businesses
E29 New Agricultural Development
E30 Agricultural Worker’s Dwellings
E31 Wind Farms
E32 Development Of Other Renewable Energy Facilities In Rural Areas
E33 Vacant And Untidy Land
E34 Derelict And Contaminated Land And Derelict Buildings
E35 Sites Generating Landfill Gas

Community Facilities

CF1 Protection, Enhancement And Replacement Of Playing Pitches
CF2 Intensification Of Use Of Existing Sports And Recreation Provision
CF3 Protection Of Existing Public Parks, Informal Recreation Areas, Major Open Areas, Play Areas And Other Areas Of Open Space
CF4 Allotments And Community Gardens
CF5 Major Sports Facilities
CF6 Provision Of Small Indoor Sports Facilities
CF7 Outdoor Recreation And Rural Areas
CF8 Equestrian Development
CF9 Golf Related Development
CF10 Specialist Pursuits And Noise Generating Sports
CF11 District And Local Centres
CF12 Local And Village Shops
CF13 Restaurants, Cafes, Public Houses And Hot Food Takeaways
CF14 Provision, Retention And Enhancement Of Community Facilities
CF15 Burnley General Hospital
CF16 Loss Of Community Health Facilities
CF17 Provision Of Educational Facilities
CF18 Youth Shelters
CF19 Graveyards And Burial Places
CF20 Caravan And Camping Sites
CF21 Travelling Showpeople

Transport and Movement

TM1 Location Of Major Traffic Generating Uses
TM2 Transport Assessments (tas)
TM3 Travel Plans (tps)
TM4 Transport Hierarchy Within Development Proposals
TM5 Footpaths And Walking Within The Urban Boundary
TM6 Walking And Horse Riding In The Countryside
TM7 Cycling Network
TM8 Quality Bus Routes
TM9 Rail And Railway Stations
TM10 East Lancashire Rapid Transit
TM11 Traffic Management In Burnley Town Centre
TM12 Movement Of Freight
TM13 Former Padiham Rail Line
TM14 Taxis And Taxi Booking Offices
TM15 Car Parking Standards
TM16 Management Of Public And Private On- And Off-street Car Parking
TM17 Management Of Retail And Leisure Car Parking In Town Centres

Burnley Town Centre

BTC1 Main Shopping Area Of Burnley Town Centre
BTC2 Secondary Shopping Areas In Burnley Town Centre
BTC3 Retail Development Withiin Burnley Town Centre Inset Outside The Main And Secondary Shopping Areas
BTC4 Office, Business, Civic And Cultural Quarter Of Burnley Town Centre
BTC5 Leisure And Tourism Development In Burnley Town Centre
BTC6 The Weavers’ Triangle
BTC7 Kingsway/bank Parade
BTC8 Movement In Burnley Town Centre
BTC9 Gateways And Throughroutes
BTC10 Upper Floors In Burnley Town Centre
BTC11 Existing Industrial Uses In Burnley Town Centre
BTC12 Canal And Riverside Development In Burnley Town Centre
BTC13 Open Spaces In Burnley Town Centre
BTC14 Provision Of Open Spaces In Major Development Proposals

Padiham Town Centre

PTC1 Central Area Of Padiham Town Centre
PTC2 Burnley Road Area Of Padiham Town Centre
PTC3 Church Street/burnley Road
PTC4 Movement To And Through Padiham Town Centre
PTC5 Padiham Market
PTC6 Gateways And Throughroutes
PTC7 Riverside Development In Padiham Town Centre
PTC8 Open Spaces In Padiham Town Centre

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