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1. Introduction
2. Borough Profile and Key Issues
3. Strategy for The Burnley Local Plan
4. General Policies
5. Economy and Work
6. Housing and Local Neighbourhoods
7. Environment
8. Community Facilities
9. Transport and Movement
10. Burnley Town Centre
11. Padiham Town Centre
12. Monitoring and Review
13. Implementation and Resources


A. Glossary and Abbreviations
B. Supplementary Planning Guidance and Development Briefs
C. Car Parking Standards
D. Definition of Major Development for Transport Purposes
E. Locally Important Nature Conservation Sites
F. Playing Pitches
G. Parks, Informal Open Space and Play Areas
H. Allotments and Gardens
I. District and Local Shopping Centres
J. Local Plan Strategy
K. PPG 13 Annex E: Park and Ride Development in the Green Belt
L. Use Classes Order